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System Analysis

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Human Self, Natural World, and Climate Change

A conscious species rapidly changing the earth's climate through its ordinary daily activity sounds like a science fiction scenario, but it's true, it's our species, and it's unprecedented in the history of life on Earth. Like it or not humankind has now entered the era of conscious responsibility for choices that effect the health of all life on the planet. This new situation is cause for a deep revisioning of human industrial activity that will require not only technical changes in how energy is produced and used, but significant changes in political, and economic systems.

Self-replenishing versus Self-exhausting Systems

Our current economic model is a circular self-exhausting model. Any model based on the absolutely separate self will self exhaust because it is, at inception, operating from the false premise that it is disconnected from it?s sustaining medium. Capitalism is based on the separate-self model and projects that structure onto all other processes and entities. The material aspect of all economic models is ultimately circular because energy/matter can neither be created nor destroyed. Matter and energy are simply transformed through economic activity.

Systems and Human Power

Systems of human cooperation are the primary method used to magnify human power. We are now in an era of human history where technology seems to be the primary amplifier of human power, but the growth of technology is really an outgrowth of human systems. The human systems that have collected knowledge in written form and made it widely available are the backbone of the technical accomplishments of our species.

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