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Identity in Motion

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Freedom = Conscious possibilities

Force = Energy Subject to Conscious Control

Force = Energy subject to conscious direction Being self-conscious and having an ability to direct ones movements, attention, thoughts, and feelings, gives human beings the ability to direct energy. The addition of other sources of energy, cultivating crops, diverting streams, making fire, making tools, steam engines, electricity, forming group boundaries and motivating coordinated collective action have given human?s more energy to direct than their individual biological energy.

Power = Conscious Possibilities + Choice + Force

Power is the result of combining possibilities with conscious choice. Where there are no conscious possibilities choice is not possible. In circumstances where there is only awareness of possibility and no opportunity to take action based on those possibilities, there is no conscious experience of power. When both possibilities and the ability to act on them exist consciously, then power is experienced. In the realm of conscious choice of action the individual is confronted with the existence of other individuals.

Force = Energy Subject to Conscious Control

All life involves energy. The individual is a participant in, and product of energy but the conscious individual does not control all the energy of life. Energy that is subject to conscious direction and control of intensity by the individual is force. Each individual has force and uses it to engage life by applying it to their available domain of power. Where freedom and power are limited force remains but it?s range of application is limited to the scope of an individual?s power. Force is neutral relative to systems.

Freedom and Constraints

The experience of freedom is generated through our expanding scope of consciousness, because the individual becomes aware of a wider range of alternative possibilities. Freedom of imagination is not limited. The primary constraint on human freedom is that the separate aspect of the individual can not actually become free from the non-separate aspect of the individual. The experience of power comes from being able to choose between alternative possibilities revealed through the expansion of consciousness.

Freedom = Conscious Possibilities

On an individual level change in conscious possibilities occurs through expansion and contraction of the individual?s boundary of awareness. Expanding and contracting possibilities are evident in several dimensions of human experience. The spatial, ideal, primary conscious, material, and technical areas of conscious possibility are the major dimensions of possibility where degrees of freedom are experienced. The larger the scope of awareness of possibility in these dimensions the greater the experience of human freedom. The spatial dimension is revealed to consciousness through the senses.

Key Abilities (axon, dendrite, synapse)

The nerve cell body has extensions called axons and dendrites. This capability enables the cell to bring information to it from other cells and transmit information to the other cells with which it has made a connection. In the macro human sense we function in these two ways and we are conscious our own existence and functioning. We could call this ability the capability of the synapse, the tiny space between the end of a dendrite or axon and the other cell it is exchanging information with. It is the space between that allows consciousness which allows choice.

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