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Local Politics Would Lead

The core political system change would be that local government would have the responsibility of managing the first floor portion of the economy. This task would be performed democratically through community debate and election of representatives for the various posts in local government.

Basic Governmental Rules

Democratic government would remain as the primary mechanism of organizing and applying collective human social force, but the basic rules for govenrment operation would be focused on emphasizing local functions of government related to food, water, sanitation, education and health care. Local human cooperation in producing these goods and services would become the primary governmental activity with state and national governance arrising from the local. This model stays closer to the ground and closer to biological reality and the basic rules of operation would reflect that principal.


Consciousness, extra-biological power, and inseparable biological existence are the primary facts of modern human life. Identity and human systems need to adapt to the fact of extra-biological force and develop systems to manage the effects of extra-biological power that exceed the bounds of our biological self. The following will describe the rational, and some principals, for the development of a new governmental system that takes these three primary facts into account. I will refer to this new system as Bio-democracy.


If we keep the current formula for calculating representation for the U.S. Senate and Congress as presently conceived we have a starting point of 100 senators and 435 congressional representatives. To add bio-representation that covers the rest of the living community that human life is sustained by we need a means of calculating the number of seats that we would have to add to represent them. In the following table of representatives I have taken the biomass of the constituent parts of the food chain, based on Silver Springs Florida river ecosystem data collected by Howard T.

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