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Stop Exploiting 911

Memo to all politicians, stop using 911 survivors to honor your self and disgrace your opponent. The political turf battle over who owns the rights to 911 defender of the year should end today.

Jeff Sessions, stop it, Alberto Gonzales, stop it, George Bush, stop it, Republican’s and Democrat’s stop it. President Bush, mentioning 911 in every other sentence doesn’t justify everything you do, or elevate you above the law.

Courage v Daring

There is a difference between courage and daring. Both involve taking a risk that could turn out badly in service of achieving an objective. Daring is often employed in the service of gain. Courage is often employed to right a wrong. When Arlen Specter said the Bush domestic wiretapping program “is in flat violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act” he was practicing courage. When George Bush authorized domestic wiretapping he was practicing daring.

Adam's Hand

Once upon a time, 1776, Adam Smith wrote the Wealth of Nations, creating many of the principals of modern economics, and giving birth to a famous son, The Invisible Hand. Mr. Smith was a Scottish moral philosopher who accomplished his life’s work during the industrial revolution before the invention of, the cotton gin, car, and even the cell phone.


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