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Personal Sustainability 2

I did some research on the web last night and there seem to be a lot of things I can grow and I am less worried, a little excited, but kind of overwhelmed. I had assumed that a wide variety of vegatables could be grown in my yard but I was worried that growing other food that I depend on and would have a hard time giving up would be too hard to do. Generally this worry, on paper at least, was overblown. I like grains, and the foods, bread and pasta, you can make using them. When I was younger I went through a period of time when I was a vegitarian.

Personal Sustainability 1

I am going to begin a personal sustainability project. I want to live as sutainably as possible and to record a journal of my process. The first thing I am going to do is to start changing my diet to see how close I can get to living on foods that I could grow at home. As I change my diet I am going to start trying to grow the foods I eat and eventually grow as much of the food I eat as is possible in the yard of my northern California suburban home. I am also going to conserve and sustainably generate as much energy as I can to see how low a level of energy consumption I can achieve.

Let it Break Your Heart

Let it break your heart. Let it in. We are just beginning to understand that we are destroying the life sustaining attributes of the world we live in. There isn’t much any one of us can do about it standing alone.

The Suck Up Economy

Suck Up Economics is the economic system that sucks the life energy out of, the middle class, working class, under class, and the environment, and into the hands of the corporate and economic elite.  The resources of the vast majority, and the environment that sustains us all, are sucked up and not replenished. All of this just to drive the percentage of wealth held by the economic elites higher. So the top goes up by sucking everyone else dry, while everyone else and our environment gets sucked down.\n\nTo top it all off the main human skill this type of economy promotes is sucking up.

Is National Political Change Possible

For most people, the world immediately surrounding them seems to be responsive to their individual intention, choice, and action. Our current form of Democracy reinforces the opposite perception, that national government is not responsive to the individual.\r\n\r\nThe effect of individual voting is limited by the creation of electoral districts that virtually insure a candidate of only one party, Democrat or Republican, has a realistic chance of winning election from term to term.

Addiction Economics

Multinational corporations drive globalization. These corporations are dependent on oil in various forms in the same way an addict is dependent on their drug. The people who sit atop these corporations are addicted to Power. Money, being the medium of exchange, is the means used to feed both habits. Addicts are gradually killed by their addiction and, particularly in the early stages of the addiction process, are blind to that fact. Recovery from addiction is possible but the addict must become aware of their true situation.

War, Victory, Power and Dispair

I have been resistant to writing about the amplification of organized violence in the Middle East because I don’t see any way of communicating about it that helps shed any light.

Three things are becoming clear to me.

First: The objective of the organizers of group violence, whether state sponsored or organized at a level of organization lower than a state, is never really peace. There objective is always the aggregation of more power. Both sides will claim they are threatened. Both sides will claim the other side started it.

Economic Policy for the Middle Class, Short


The way our economy is currently structured, the middle class is continually eroded, while the upper class, economically speaking, is continually enriched. In the long run the middle class needs a dramatic re-structuring of the political system so that government will reflect their needs, as opposed to the current situation where the political system reflects the needs of the upper class. The influence of money on the MSM, politicians, and political parties, has turned a one-person-one-vote democracy ideal into a one-dollar-one-vote cashocracy.

Election Fraud, Democrats Wake Up


Democrats, wake up!! The Republicans have been shaping public opinion with lies for the last 20 years and it has worked beautifully for them. Their method is to saturate the the media and repeat the same lies over and over. Eventually everyone just starts assuming that what they say has validity.

Democrats have truth to work with in the facts about Republican election vote stealing behavior. Robert F. Kennedy’s article comes as close to proving the case as possible, use it.

Chain of Command

'When push comes to shove, the Bush Administration is plagued with lack of clarity regarding chain of command. The big issue here isn’t whether Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, or George Bush is in charge and accountable at the executive level or any confusion at the agency level between CIA, NSA, FBI, and Homeland security. The problem is that the Bush administration has gotten confused about the basics; they have forgotten that they work for the American people. The whole point of living in a democracy is that the government works for the people, not the other way around.


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