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Sugar, Consumer Culture and Sustainability

I am powerless over sugar. I crave sugar, but only when I don’t have it, or immediately after I have eaten it. I don’t crave sugar when I sleep, but I have a job and kids and have to stay awake for a large part of every day and it’s during that period of time that I am powerless over sugar. Candy, cakes, and cookies, particularly chocolate chip cookies are irresistible. My history with this substance goes way back to when I was a kid, I loved sugar and my mom supplied plenty of it in the form of cookies and cakes. When I had my first money I spent it on candy and comic books.

Violence, Baboons, Republicans and Social Signals

We have to manage the Baboon level of our society in a way that decreases the effectiveness of violence as a tool for achieving social rank and control. Male baboons use violence to establish rank within the male hierarchy of their baboon troop. The highest ranking male then gets breeding rights with any female he chooses, all of them basically, and the female part of the troop is subjugated through that social structure.

Climate Crisis Denial, a New Twist

In a recent interview with Steve Inskeep of NPR, Michale Griffen (NASA Administrator) is quoted as saying;

Sound Bites

A short
Little blurb
Words that cut
And sparkle
Are there
Then gone
In their wake
A trail
In your head

The biter bites
Again, again,
Again, again
More sound
And trails
In the soft
Gray brains
Of the

The consumer
We are called
The audience
Passive vessel
To be filled
Directed along
The trails
Of the marketer

Ic R Us

It all made sense at the start
Imagination fused with skill and great art
A driving need would pick everything
In this case it became a mighty wing

His dad was good at making things
He was a favorite of the kings

Free at last from the earth and the past
The sky his home now he could fly fast
Free to roam high above foam and sand
All seemed to go just as he planned

He gave his son some mighty wings
The son lost touch with earthly things

All Along the Watchtower, Parsifal and Climate Change

Bob Dylan’s song, All Along the Watchtower, contemplates a crisis approaching on the horizon, where rapid action is required, and most people are blind to the rapidly approaching peril. Global warming and man made climate change fit that pattern, so lets start a conversation using Dylan’s images and poetry as a backdrop.

"There must be some way out of here, said the joker to the thief"

Climate Crisis = Identity Crisis

Three common ways of characterizing human existence in relation to the natural world The first view is that Humanity is a Devine creation that exists in a non-material spiritual reality separate from the natural physical world. From the religious and spiritual viewpoint nature is often seen as infused with spiritual force, emanating from a spiritual source, or a separate creation of a Deity.

Personal Sustainability 9, anti-inflammatory diet

During the hollidays I got a gift of Dr Andrew Weil’s book, Healthy Aging. Dr Weil recomends eating the anti-inflamatory diet to promote healthy aging. The research and thinking behind the diet is that chronic inflamation in the body encourages the development of chronic diseases like, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and alzheimers, to name a few. The diet is basically vegitarian, except for fish high in Omega 3 fatty acids, and I think it would be easy to grow a lot of the fruits and vegatables that are listed as being particularly good at reducing inflamation.

Personal Sustainability 4, Divine Flesh

I am still having a hard time getting organized and active with my dietary changes. I get real busy and a little stressed and it is hard to mobalize the energy and create the momentum of change.

Personal Sustainability 3, Resistance

My resistance to dietary change has been up front for me lately. I haven’t made the moves into eating foods that I could grow that I have wanted to. I am lazy and complacent and eat by habit, not design. Gotta make it through this resistance to get to a place where growing my food makes sense. Once I start to work on energy, I am sure I will face personal resistance, despite my good conscious intentions.


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