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My Problem with the Environment

Every time I hear people talk, or writers write, about “the environment” I feel uneasy. It doesn’t matter whether the person speaking or writing is advocating consumption or conservation of “the environment”, something in the way environment is objectified and we as people are separated from “It” is deeply disturbing to me. When I had my primary insight into the truth that I am the environment, there is no separation between a me and an environment, it was from following this discomfort and seeing where it took me.

I Am Nature Point of Departure

I am going to pursue a shift in identity that has been developing in me for some time but only recently has it emerged with an intensity and clarity that felt like a transition point. A few days after attending an introduction to the work that reconnects facilitated by Joanna Macy I had an experience that I described as follows.

My First Workshop with Joanna Macy

Well, spending two days with Joanna and participating in the exercises she lead was wonderful. I loved being around all the people, getting to know some of them and generally doing more crying, hugging and looking at people in a deeply engaged and appreciative way. The permission to really connect with each other was, for me, a wonderful tonic. I love people and am rarely in a situation where I can connect deeply, what a great experience.

Latest Thoughts on Dependant Co-arrising

I have been seeing the implications of the Buddhist dependent co-arising causality model. On the level of individual psychology and time the changes that occur in my perspective are liberating. When I understand that there is no linear process to adhere to in my psychology I realize that i am not bound by the line from the past propagating into the future as the western psychological model mandates. It isn’t that the past doesn’t exist or isn’t part of what conditions the present it is that there isn’t a linear past and future with the present just being one of Hume’s distinct moments.

Form and Formlessness

In meditating the other day I started to see how my experience, as a 12 or 13 year old, of the formless, as my mind flew past the edge of space and the return to my body through the funnels of light, each one having its own world and beings, where both form and formlessness were present together, is taken into account by the Buddhist model of causality that Joanna Macy calls dependent co-arising. In the formless state unaware of particularity there was an intuitive knowing of all things even without any awareness bounded objects.

On the Line

Thank you causal agents
And line combatants
I thank my ignorance
My participation in the line dance
Of our combat

The tearing apart has left a hole
For the tiny seed of wisdom
To find soil in which to root
Brothers and sisters of the fight
We toil in vain

There is no start to our problem
The line on which we fight
Is drawn not in the sand
But in the mind
In the assumptions
That lure us to the line
And call our fighting hearts
To action

There is no Starting point

There is no starting point
Now I can dance
The ceaseless dance
The spinning and choosing
The moving and being moved
There is no starting point
Now I can dance

Spider and Winshield

I saw a spider on my windshield just the other day
I watched him struggle to stay on as I drove away
At first the spider slowed, it moved a whole lot less
It stopped and stayed real still, the gas my foot did press
I could not tell from its eyes what was on its mind
Faster I did go cars pressing from behind

I Just Want What Buddha Had

I just want what Buddha had
A nice, hot, mom, and a rich ass dad
and something that’s missing and hurting real bad

I just want to do what Buddha did
To sit by a tree till the truth is unhid
To take a cool raft to the other shore
Then tell the cool raft I don’t need you no more

Each Day

Each day is my birthday
Each moment, my birth moment
All that is, born anew
Each moment, each day
My birthday every day
My birth moment
Each moment
Right now
The gift
My birth


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