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This Year's (2012) Theme

I don’t remember the date but it was a spring day in the mid 1960’s when I decided to do the thought experiment that changed my life. I had been reading about General and Special Relativity and was curious about the idea that the Universe was finite. The way I thought Einstein portrayed it was that gravity curved light and a beam going straight out from my house would curve and come back to its source in something like a circle. I’m not sure why this was important to me but I began the experiment by laying down on my bed, closing my eyes and imagining that I was heading out into space as a point of light in a straight line. I imagined my direction beginning to curve under the influence of gravity but then I began to wonder what if I resist the curve, what would stop me from doing that. I imagined a brick wall that prevented me from turning and resisting the curve. Then I thought; why can’t I just break through the wall? 

Everybody Knows, That's Why They Occupy Wall Street

The reason the media fail to recognize the message of the Wall Street Occupation Movement is that they don't know what the rest of us know. They are part of the corporate ruling structure and it isn't at all obvious to them why people people are so worked up or what they want. It is an expression of a dawning realization that our whole system is rotten. Now, the rottenness of the system is not going to be universally perceived, just as the revolution will not be televised, thank you Gill Scott-Heron. The truth is known by everyone in a primal way. When they call us consumers and consume us at the same time, we get it. When they say they are the source of all that is good and that we rely on their brilliance and creativity while they destroy our public education system through propaganda and ever decreasing funding, we get it. When they are eating us for lunch and telling us we should be grateful, we see the self serving lie. Yea, we get it.

Leonard Cohen writes and sings this mood of eyes wide open recognition of perpetual betrayal. This seeing through the lie is what is going on and why the elite don't get it. As Cohen's lyrics put it in Everybody Knows;

Moral-Ethical Scale

All behavior can be judged relative to the purpose of expanding the scope of consciousness in the service of life. Imagine a scale that has a zero as a neutral point where an action is neither positive or negative in it's effect, negative 10 is the most negative point on the scale, positive 10 is the most positive point on the scale.

Systems and Human Power

Systems of human cooperation are the primary method used to magnify human power. We are now in an era of human history where technology seems to be the primary amplifier of human power, but the growth of technology is really an outgrowth of human systems. The human systems that have collected knowledge in written form and made it widely available are the backbone of the technical accomplishments of our species.

Privacy and Power

With the advent and then the acceleration of extra-biological power availability to humans previous privacy dynamics should be revised. The dynamic of people, institutions, and systems being able to invade the privacy of others has been, and currently is, a feature of aggregation of social power. When extra-biological power is added to that social dynamic the inequities of the fact that the functional ability to achieve privacy, prevention of unwanted intrusion across a semi-permeable boundary from the outside of that boundary, has increased with the acquisition of power.

Boundary Permeability = All Things Are Reciprocally Interconnected

Each individual is then also interconnected physically with each every other individual through atmosphere, water, soil, sunlight, plant and animal life. So even on the physical level of our existence we are clearly separate independent entities and we are so interconnected with each other and everything around us that we are a whole process of life that is fully shared and not individual in the exclusive sense at all. Each individual is then also interconnected physically with each every other individual through atmosphere, water, soil, sunlight, plant and animal life.

Power = Conscious Possibilities + Choice + Force

Power is the result of combining possibilities with conscious choice. Where there are no conscious possibilities choice is not possible. In circumstances where there is only awareness of possibility and no opportunity to take action based on those possibilities, there is no conscious experience of power. When both possibilities and the ability to act on them exist consciously, then power is experienced. In the realm of conscious choice of action the individual is confronted with the existence of other individuals.

Force = Energy Subject to Conscious Control

All life involves energy. The individual is a participant in, and product of energy but the conscious individual does not control all the energy of life. Energy that is subject to conscious direction and control of intensity by the individual is force. Each individual has force and uses it to engage life by applying it to their available domain of power. Where freedom and power are limited force remains but it?s range of application is limited to the scope of an individual?s power. Force is neutral relative to systems.

Evolution can't Manage Extra-Biological Force

Extra-biological force is wholly beyond the bounds of the biological individual and therefore can not be passed via sexual reproduction to offspring then becoming part of the process of evolution of our species. This makes extra-biological power a public good passed on through cultural means. Culturally we have related to extra-biological power as if it were privately held, like the large teeth and good reflexes of an alpha male in a troop of Chimpanzees, and passed to the offspring of the well endowed.

Evolution, Power, Primates, and Culture

It is imperative, now that high levels of extra-biological power are a persistent feature of human life, to move our social organization, and our systems that express our social organization, farther away from the primate (rigid, male centric, violence ordered, social hierarchy), and more toward the male/female pair bonding form of social organization created through our evolutionary split from the primate species.


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