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Personal Sustainability 7, Update

I have not done a good job on the personal sustainability front for a few months but have been getting back on track lately. I decided that even if I don’t have time to do each thing the way I want to, putting in a little time to as I can would help me get moving.

My exercise is back to a more reasonable frequency, even if the duration of each period of exercise is not as long as I would like and I am feeling the positive effects. I have added some stretching and strength time to my pattern, instead of just running more and more distance, which was my previous pattern. I also have been experimenting with standing up straighter and being mindful of when I am not. When I stand and sit up straighter, with the feeling of stretching up like my head was being pulled up toward the sky, I look at people more clearly and directly and it effects my attitude and relational communication in a subtle but significant way, I like it.

I am preparing my yard for the start of learning to plant and grow food. I finally got the book I wanted “How to Grow More vegetables (and fruits, nuts, berries, grains, and other crops) Than You Ever Thought Possible on Less Land than You can Imagine” by John Jeavons, and am excited about trying to become a beginner at growing food. I have a deep need for this and think that part of my being stuck on the personal front was related to not making any move to make this real. I feel good about this.

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