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My Early Spiritual Experience

I grew up in Southern California during the 1950?s, 60?s, and 70?s. My fascination with consciousness and exploring the depths of human experience started in my early teens. I was reading about Einstein?s theory of general and special relativity in an encyclopedia on a warm southern California summer day. Two ideas, a finite universe due to the effect of gravity on light, and the use of thought experiments to evaluate the efficacy of ideas were very interesting to me. I decided that I would do a thought experiment to evaluate the notion that the universe was finite. I laid down on my bed, closed my eyes and began to imagine traveling out through the universe at the speed of light as a point of conscious awareness. The dark and stars and planets all whizzed past and as time went on I puzzled about how the curve in the universe would be noticed. Eventually I decided that there must be some sort of boundary or impediment that would prevent my movement on a straight line. I imagined a brick wall and started to break through it, there were more and more bricks, on and on the experience of breaking through the bricks went on until suddenly I realized that the bricks themselves went on forever. There was no end to the universe. At that moment I found myself in and identical to a featureless, timeless space and experienced perfect peace, unlimited knowledge, and infinite love.

After a period of enjoying this state of being, I spontaneously was launched on a journey of return to my life in my body and house in Pasadena. The direction of the journey was clearly down through space and I passed through several shapes like funnels. While passing through each funnel I saw the universes that were associated with the various funnels. These universes or environments were different than the earth environment where I started my journey. Different non-earth beings inhabited these spaces and the colors of light were different than on earth. I don?t remember how many of the funnels I returned through but the final one delivered me to my body and my room.

Everything was exactly as it appeared before my journey but I experienced the awareness of the space I had found beyond the limits of the universe suffusing and transcending all of my normal experience. This lasted for several weeks and I saw how much love there is all around available to all of us all the time. In fact I saw this presence as our fundamental nature. All the human suffering of friends, parents, teachers, the larger world I knew through the news paper and TV, was simply a refusal to notice our own self nature, which is experienced as the Consciousness of Omnipresent Love.

During those two weeks I decided that my life would be dedicated to figuring out why we don?t all live in the constant presence of our infinite self nature all the time. That experience gradually faded into the background over a couple of weeks but it had a profound impact on me and I didn?t want to let it go, I just couldn?t hold onto it. The following 38 years have been my particular adventure of being impelled by that experience of my greater nature.

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