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Moral-Ethical Scale

All behavior can be judged relative to the purpose of expanding the scope of consciousness in the service of life. Imagine a scale that has a zero as a neutral point where an action is neither positive or negative in it's effect, negative 10 is the most negative point on the scale, positive 10 is the most positive point on the scale.

Individual actions that effect single individuals would occupy the middle range of the scale from 0 to 3.3 in either a negative or positive direction, group action would range out to the 6.6 range of the scale, and systems would range all the way out to 10 on either side of the scale.

Including individual action, group action, and the effect of systems on action, on the same scale gives perspective to the moral/ethical behavior of people and their relative levels of power to effect others. This is one way of creating a moral/ethical framework that acknowledges the relative effect of action on others, the greater the effect the more extreme, positive or negative, the moral evaluation.

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