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Easter Love

I have found love
and I’m not afraid to die
It hit me this morning
It has been building slowly
finding this love

For me it is in my feeling
For and with my children
This love was there
from the beginning
But it has grown
more complex
more apparent
as we have grown

I have found it this morning
and am not afraid to die
I know love now

Finding this love
Has been the easiest
And most difficult task
Shining free and bright at times
Full of darkness at others
Oozing through the cracks
Of inherited and self-imposed

That is the story of the crucifixion
He found love
and was not afraid to die

It isn’t a death wish
Nor a quest for martyrdom
Nor a weak acquiescence
to persecution
Love is living eternity
It makes you strong
No longer afraid of death

This love can be
Exquisitely tender
Yielding and graceful
It can also be fierce

It is the heart
Of human progress
You can see the pain
Behind the hatred
And still fight the hate
Because you fear no more
And love
is worth fighting for

We are more than one
We are all children
We are all parents

I will suffer the wounds
Of those who haven’t
Found love
With wit, love, patience
I will persist
Because love is eternity

I will fight for love
The same way I would fight
If someone attacked my child
Yes, we are all someone’s child
I will fight for you too

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