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People of Good Heart Step Forward

I see You, People of Good Heart

Everywhere I look you are there, looking back

You are everywhere

Step forward so I can see you more clearly


Step forward with the clarity shining in your eyes

The tears dripping strongly from your cheek

You are everywhere

Step forward so I can see your face


Women, men, gay, straight, black, white, all shades

We of good heart must steep forward strong

When a wounded hater harms

Step one, then another, another again, face them


When the hard, cold face of hate moves forward

See them clearly, fear behind their anger

Hurt behind that, crippling loneliness

We of good heart step past our fear toward them


We people of good heart are not weak or afraid

We are strong and we will fight

Because we have something worth fighting for

We fight for all people of good heart


We fight even for those whose hearts are crippled

Crippled by hate and fear

Because we understand that vulnerability in ourselves

And we know the struggle they face


We won’t fade back into the safety of shadows

Into the passive hope

That everything will be alright in the end

We must and will step forward together


We must widen the circle of our presence

Atheist and religious, rich and poor, city and rural

I see you there

In the heart of reality, standing as one


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