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Dr Seuss Accepts a Meeting

We meet in a room
Shut door, shuttered blinds
The invited players
All soon arrive

The agenda is crisp
Roll call is complete
Everyone settled
Into their seat

I open the blinds
To let in the light
More is revealed
You seem uptight

I look out the window
Describe what I see
Not on the agenda
But important to me

A disturbance I sense
Looking back to the room
Light spills on some paper
A laugh cuts the gloom

On with the meeting
Enough of this light
You all need to know
This will be a tough fight

My question is this
Although I can’t raise it
I’m trying to think
Of a way I could phrase it

Your blindness, it hurts me
But you just don’t see it
It’s hurting you too
But you just have to be it

Inclusion, exclusion
The tactics of power
The tone of the meeting
Soon becomes sour

Just come out with me
Let’s walk down the hall
Let’s open some doors
Let’s see it all

In the office space land
There are lots of places
People who do things
Lots of nice faces

Once you see more
You’ll have a chance
To abandon the game
And take up the dance

When you are dancing
The meeting will grow
The players attending
Will now really know

I lose your attention
Your eyes turn real cold
I see the wheels turning
You are not sold

Back to your room
The door and the blinds
The fear and the dueling
Of limited minds

Next time you invite me
Would you please be so kind?
To just one time simply
Open your mind

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