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I Am Nature Point of Departure

I am going to pursue a shift in identity that has been developing in me for some time but only recently has it emerged with an intensity and clarity that felt like a transition point. A few days after attending an introduction to the work that reconnects facilitated by Joanna Macy I had an experience that I described as follows.

This morning I started to let myself feel the discomfort I feel about the objectification of nature. I acknowledged my discomfort and it lead to something unexpected, a visceral realization that i am nature, not something different than, not something separate from, but I am nature speaking, knowing, choosing, acting, existing in a state of ever-becoming. This has been lurking as a discomfort for quite a while and I am glad I allowed it to speak to me. I am nature. Everything is nature. Nature isn’t just the animals and plants, it is everything together and that is the dynamic living process we all are. The knowledge, deep, real, undeniable arose in me, i am nature. The other thing is that as nature I am self correcting. So enacting that and seeing where it takes me is what the weekend was about, I am nature, we are nature.

This shift in identity seemed to feel just right to me. Many issues were resolved and I felt very alive and engaged. Now the issue for me is going to be how to keep unfolding this way of seeing into the fabric of my living. In the past I have used many different methods for exploring and transforming my way of experiencing self and world and I will continue with the ways that have served me best in the past and hopefully develop some new approaches as well. I am doing this as a process of public writing because it helps me focus, intensify, and commit to my process of transformation and also because doing so publicly might offer support to others who are also working on transformations of their identity that move beyond the separation of self from nature.

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