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Latest Thoughts on Dependant Co-arrising

I have been seeing the implications of the Buddhist dependent co-arising causality model. On the level of individual psychology and time the changes that occur in my perspective are liberating. When I understand that there is no linear process to adhere to in my psychology I realize that i am not bound by the line from the past propagating into the future as the western psychological model mandates. It isn’t that the past doesn’t exist or isn’t part of what conditions the present it is that there isn’t a linear past and future with the present just being one of Hume’s distinct moments.

There is no end point which means there is no perfection, no static goal, no effect of the cause which is the full realization of the cause. Without a starting point cause (all potent) dictating the effect or end point, there is no necessary line. This turns nouns into verbs. My most potent realization during the re-owning of my adopted infant self left behind in identification with my biological mother when we were separated was I have a right to be. I can now see the linearity in that statement, the linear causal model deeply assumed. Now it becomes, being is right, the active process of be-ing is inherently right, not that it is right to be, or that I have a right to be, being is right, an active process of birth and change is right. Yep!

I am now repeatedly intuitively seeing assumptions of linear cause and effect in my life and the life around me and I am correcting my orientation from relating to an it created by a cause, to relating to a process of being and relating. My self talk is sometimes embodied in words, more of the time in direct intuitive participatory understanding, and sometimes images or feelings. I see, think, feel, intuit a line in assumptions and in doing so the power of those assumptions evaporates. This feels good and I move into a different relationship to my experience, something more direct and full of knowing and being and the knowing of others the being of others interlacing with my own active rightful being. Thanks Joanna, thanks Buddha’s, particularly Shakyamuni Buddha, and the escape from linear causality that Joanna calls Dependant co-arising.

The present also takes on a different tenor when you don’t have to assume the linear relationship between past present and future. It has always been a little slippery for me to regard the present as an object of meditation, something has felt both right and wrong about the advice to be in the present “be here now”. I think what has seemed off to me has been the seeming of effort as if the present is always being pushed around by the past, always so fragile and fleeting. I don’t really understand it now but I sense that time is different when you loosen the constraints of assuming linear causality. I’m too tired to tease this out or meditate on it to the point of clarity, I’ll let this one simmer in my subconscious, I know there is something important here.

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