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On the Line

Thank you causal agents
And line combatants
I thank my ignorance
My participation in the line dance
Of our combat

The tearing apart has left a hole
For the tiny seed of wisdom
To find soil in which to root
Brothers and sisters of the fight
We toil in vain

There is no start to our problem
The line on which we fight
Is drawn not in the sand
But in the mind
In the assumptions
That lure us to the line
And call our fighting hearts
To action

Assumptions so deep below
that the line we draw
Will never touch them
So we fight tooth and claw
To the death

The line we draw
all important

The assumptions lay with our bodies
Deeply buried in mass graves
It is our assumptions we must unearth
When we draw our shallow lines

We must become stronger
More fully the
Creatures we are

We must draw the line so deep
We touch it”s grounding
Then it will fly back to it”s home
In our mind
Becoming a circle
Then a sphere
Then we live a life
Of related spheres
No lines
Drawn shallow
In the sand

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