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A Biological Model for Foreign Policy

Couldn’t we have a foreign policy that was based on biology instead of social rank competition. A foreign policy based on biological principals and functions would not abandon self defense, biological entities and processes engage in self defense all the time. A biologically based foreign policy also would not have to avoid resource acquisition and exchange across national boundaries.

If we were to use this idea to construct a new approach we could first define each country as a Cell/Entity within the larger context of other nations within a living earth.

The purpose of a bio-oriented foreign policy would be to maintain the health of the whole organism. This is an organizing principal within which maintaining the health of the individual cell is constrained by the value of maintaining the overall health of the system within which the semi-autonomous cell exists.

Borders, the obvious starting point for any foreign policy system could be conceived as semi permeable boundaries that are geographic, economic, legal, and cultural. The purpose of policy would be to manage exchange across those boundaries. Many things cross those boundaries and they are natural mediums of exchange that can be structures to maximize their utility in a mutually beneficial or individually exploitative fashion. Climate, water, and atmosphere are not national property but are the natural un-owned interconnections between the cells/nations and should be maintained collectively for the common good on the macro level as a natural foundation for understanding the interconnectedness of nations across politically, economically, culturally, and geographically formed bourders.

The concept of national sovereignty can be framed as boundaries/borders being legitimately unbreachable by external cell (other countries) intrusion until the processes in one country start to negatively effect the health of other countries that have border relationships or share common substances (air, water, climate, people, diseases)

Self defense can be viewed as each cell/country/entity having an independent immune system which includes cultural, legal, industrial, governmental, diplomatic, and usually military resources. When one Cell/Country/Entity transgresses the boundary of another in a way that is unwanted or damaging to another cell the immune response of the transgressed cell responds.

Boundary transgression can be bacterial (foreign intrusion that remains distinctly foreign and does not occupy (U.S. entry into WWII)), viral (foreign intrusion that invades the cell and uses the invaded cells own cellular resources against the cell, proxy wars between external states funding/arming factions in conflict within a country is a viral strategy), or cancerous (aggressive geographic expansion of cell territory through a hyper-growth and consumption strategy; Hitler in WWII, Israel in Palestine, U.S./Bush in Iraq)

A foreign policy could then be judged to be healthy, or health promoting if it animated the following principals;

  • Regard the health of the whole group of cell as intimately related to its own health
  • Health promotion is part of defense because it decreases the spew of infective agents from sick Countries/Cells by reducing them at their source, it
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