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Climate Crisis = Identity Crisis

Three common ways of characterizing human existence in relation to the natural world The first view is that Humanity is a Devine creation that exists in a non-material spiritual reality separate from the natural physical world. From the religious and spiritual viewpoint nature is often seen as infused with spiritual force, emanating from a spiritual source, or a separate creation of a Deity. Some of these points of view offer more connection to the natural world than others, but most hold in common a view that the non-material reality as superior to the material world, or nature. The second view is that Humanity, and each individual human, is competitor with a hostile natural world. This is the viewpoint of modern industry and applied science and technology. Capitalism is a very clear expression of this way of looking at nature as something to be defended against at worst, and exploited for individual accumulation of resources that are desired by the individual, without reference to any surrounding effects, at best. This is the point of view driving the rapid expansion of the western style global economy. The third view is Humanity as a dependent child of a nurturing natural world. This viewpoint is typically expressed as a way of supporting the idea that it is wise and right to treat the environment with care and kindness. While this way of looking at the relationship between human beings and nature has the advantage of supporting a positive and cooperative relationship with the natural world it distorts the relationship in several important ways. A human child becomes progressively independent relative to their mother, human beings never become independent of the earth in any meaningful sense. As children mature they reach a point where they can become parents, a mother if you are a female child, our maturation relative to the earth never reaches a point where we have the choice to become a planet. In the life cycle of mothers and children, It is typical for mothers to die before their children die. When this happens the children continue to live. This is not true of the relationship between the human self and the natural world, if the planet dies we die with it.

Individual; Yes Separate; No

The three preceding models of human nature, and the relationship of human beings to nature, is that they focus primarily on the separation of individual from nature and are therefore only partially true. Each individual creature, from the amoeba to the human being, is an autonomous separate entity. All individual entities have a boundary that defines them. That self-boundary is semi-permeable relative to the environment of the entity. The boundary is made of, and allows constant exchange of material and energy with its environment. This means that the entity isirreducibly non-separate relative to the totality of its environment. Without both the self defining boundary, separation, and its permeability, non-separation, relative to the environment, the autonomous individual entity would not exist. Our modern way of living currently does not reflect the complete truth of who we are and this is the root cause of why we are unable to quickly change in response to the knowledge that we are seriously damaging our living world. Stevie Wonder puts it beautifully in his song “As” when he says, “make sure that when you say you are in it but not of it, you’re not helping to make this earth a place sometimes called hell, change your words into truths and then change that truth into love, and maybe our children’s grandchildren and their great great grandchildren will tell, I’ll be loving you”

Humanity is a part of the central nervous system of the the body of life, our living planet

Using a biological entity model as a symbolic representation of the complex system of interrelationships that make up the total ecological system of life on our planet is more accurate than the previous models of nature that represent nature relative to the needs and fears of human beings. This gives the earth entity status and places human beings within that entity as a part of it. The earth as meta-entity, Gaia, has all the capacity of the life that grows within it and therefore can

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