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Personal Sustainability 9, anti-inflammatory diet

During the hollidays I got a gift of Dr Andrew Weil’s book, Healthy Aging. Dr Weil recomends eating the anti-inflamatory diet to promote healthy aging. The research and thinking behind the diet is that chronic inflamation in the body encourages the development of chronic diseases like, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and alzheimers, to name a few. The diet is basically vegitarian, except for fish high in Omega 3 fatty acids, and I think it would be easy to grow a lot of the fruits and vegatables that are listed as being particularly good at reducing inflamation.

I started adapting to the new diet the day after Christmas. I bought some of the foods and supplements that are recomended and stoped eating some of the high inflammatory foods that were part of my diet. I also switched from coffee to green tea which had the effect of reducing my caffeine consumption significantly. After several days eating this new diet, at least partially, I noticed that my soreness and stiffness around joints and tendons had decreased. I run and typically after 3 days running, my ankles, hip, back, and knees feel sore and stiff. Now at the end of my 3 running days, before I take a day off, my ankles, hip, knees, hamstrings, and back feel much better.

Since I didn’t put one piece of the diet in place for a while, then another I don’t know if one change is more responsible than another for my improved joint and muscle flexability and ease but I welcome it. I think that going from coffee to green tea might have been a big contributor to my positive experience with the diet so far, but I don’s know for sure.

I haven’t put my yard together for growing a lot of food yet, but am looking forward to getting started soon.

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