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Personal Sustainability 4, Divine Flesh

I am still having a hard time getting organized and active with my dietary changes. I get real busy and a little stressed and it is hard to mobalize the energy and create the momentum of change.

I had a thought today on my run that was based on some experiences I have been having recently. I have been much more aware of my own fleshiness and that of everyone else as well. I have been thinking over and over, life is such a fleshy thing. I think I have had an aversion to accepting the overwhelming reality of the fleshines of life. It is easy to see the cultural roots in Christianity and the roots in my personal life of being a kid who was adopted as an infant. The importance of this separation from, or lack of acceptance, or lack of integration with, the flesh is that it is the basis upon which I am also alienated from the living earth.

Once I started to let the thoughts about the fleshiness of ife run freely in my imagination I realized that the fleshiness of things is life. All life is fleshy. The entire living layer of our planet is fleshy. Like a big cell, or a big person the living dimension of the earth is self maintaining, with a semi-permiable boundary, and lots of water. The flesh of each living entity is divine, an expression of something larger transcending and being it, in the sense that this fleshiness is life living, sustaining, and re-creating its self. Our participation in this process, this process its self is divine or sacred. Once you are no longer distancing your self from it, it is you and you are it, and both are perfect fullness, life, and Love.

Caring for the fleshiness of our individual and collective lives is noble work, not sin. This feeling is a good one and unusual for me. I hope I can carry this orienttion with me and see how it developes as I try to make a more sustainable individual life for myself and advocate for changes in politics and the economy that will allow more people to live powerfully and sustainably in the divine fleshiness we all share and are all alive as.

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