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Personal Sustainability 3, Resistance

My resistance to dietary change has been up front for me lately. I haven’t made the moves into eating foods that I could grow that I have wanted to. I am lazy and complacent and eat by habit, not design. Gotta make it through this resistance to get to a place where growing my food makes sense. Once I start to work on energy, I am sure I will face personal resistance, despite my good conscious intentions. I will start to journal my resistance to change and post it in some coherent way so that a record of some of the subjective and behavioral components of developing personal sustainability starting from a baseline of a typical economically suburban middle class lifestyle. I probably am not a good representative of the typical, or average suburban middle class mindset, but it seems that there will still be value in documenting my struggle for change leading toward personal sustainability. Time is one of the issues that make change difficult. I do not like to schedule my time any more than I have to. I have work, picking up the kids and dropping them off at various points in time, exercise (running and badminton) that I make time for, reading and writing about the issues I find compelling, spending time with the kids and my wife doing things or just hanging out, political activity… I have so many things that I must do and want to do that putting in the time needed to become personally sustainablity. I want to achieve a more sustainable life style in a way that enhances my personal freedom and gives me and my family more options than simply 100% going along with the current un-sustainable economy and playing my part in that. It is hard seeing the global capitalist system as being inherently flawed and needing massive transformation because I feel compelled to figuring out how to change the personal, the social, political, and economic so that enough change can be achieved that it will make a meaningful difference. Staying in that tension is one of the uncomfortable requirements for change. It is hard to make changes this big sort of an immediate crisis that demands change.

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