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Personal Sustainability 2

I did some research on the web last night and there seem to be a lot of things I can grow and I am less worried, a little excited, but kind of overwhelmed. I had assumed that a wide variety of vegatables could be grown in my yard but I was worried that growing other food that I depend on and would have a hard time giving up would be too hard to do. Generally this worry, on paper at least, was overblown. I like grains, and the foods, bread and pasta, you can make using them. When I was younger I went through a period of time when I was a vegitarian. I have branched out during the years and now occasionally eat fish and chicken. I know I can live a healthy life without animal protine but haven’t for a long time. Milk is something I will address later as I change my diet because I know I can’t “grow” milk in the suburbs. The two most promising grains I came across were Amaranth and Quinona. They sounded versitile, drought resistant, and a great source of protine. I am going to buy some and start eating them. Interestingly one grows well in the summer, the other in the winter, sounds good to me.

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