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Personal Sustainability 1

I am going to begin a personal sustainability project. I want to live as sutainably as possible and to record a journal of my process. The first thing I am going to do is to start changing my diet to see how close I can get to living on foods that I could grow at home. As I change my diet I am going to start trying to grow the foods I eat and eventually grow as much of the food I eat as is possible in the yard of my northern California suburban home. I am also going to conserve and sustainably generate as much energy as I can to see how low a level of energy consumption I can achieve. I have a lot of ideas about self replenishing suystems and I will be experimenting with these ideas and trying to quantify them. I am anxious about my ability to change my eating, food acquisition, and energy use patterns. I feel like I won’t be able to do it, or that I won’t like doing it, or that I will feel deprived and angry as I try to do it. One thing I want to find out is how I will actually feel as I change and after the changes I make become my personal norm. Today I started a compost pile using all the yard waste I usually throw out in the yard waste trash can. I broke it down into smaller pieces by putting the stuff in a pile and mowing it down with my lawn mower. Next I am going to look up what foods grow in the fall and winter in my area and start eating them. I am going to find a way to track this quantatively as well, what foods, how much space to grow them, how much time spent growing, picking, cooking planning etc…

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