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Election Fraud, Democrats Wake Up


Democrats, wake up!! The Republicans have been shaping public opinion with lies for the last 20 years and it has worked beautifully for them. Their method is to saturate the the media and repeat the same lies over and over. Eventually everyone just starts assuming that what they say has validity.

Democrats have truth to work with in the facts about Republican election vote stealing behavior. Robert F. Kennedy’s article comes as close to proving the case as possible, use it.

When John Kerry says he suspects election fraud but can’t prove it, he is missing the point. Proving it doesn’t make any difference. Using it to shape public opinion does make a difference.

If the Democrats don’t get in the P.R. and marketing game by repeating the obvious truth over and over in the media, they will continue to loose to agressive Republican marketing and criminal manipulation of the aparatus of voting. Dem’s stop being afraid of Republican P.R. & marketing prowess and develop some of your own.

Get over the idea that you have to prove something to promote it. Polls don’t reflect some reality called the American people. Polls reflect people’s response to marketing campains. Use the truth in your marketing and you will be way ahead of the Republican’s after a few years of hard PR work. Don’t get in the game and you will continue to loose no matter whether you can prove them wrong or not.

On the talking points (you need some help in this area), Don’t say “Republicans stole the election”. Stop being self referential and say something like, “Republican’s committed massive election fraud”, “Republican’s stole the legitimate votes of 100′s of thousands of honest, hard working, American’s”, “Republican’s don’t just steal tax payer money and give it to their rich friends, they have the nerve to steal the votes of honest American’s”. Don’t use underclass, whimpy, language (like disenfranchised voters) in your talking points, most voters don’t want to self identify with being helpless and abused.

Get the point, you want to brand Republican’s as bad and Democrats as good. Use the truth to do it, but don’t wait for the truth to be proved in a court of law, or a thousand scientific papers. Republican’s don’t wait on truth, they know what they want and they market it relentlessly. Democrat’s don’t have to lie, but they do have to manipulate public opinion with agressive marketing. This also broadens the scope of acceptable debate and cuts into the effectiveness of the Republican tactic of distraction by derision.

Take this opportunity and run with it, it’s a two for one, brand Republicans as stealing the votes of individual American’s, and make it harder for them to succeed with vote rigging in the next election. If you don’t start now, it will be too late and they will steal another election.

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