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Addiction Economics

Multinational corporations drive globalization. These corporations are dependent on oil in various forms in the same way an addict is dependent on their drug. The people who sit atop these corporations are addicted to Power. Money, being the medium of exchange, is the means used to feed both habits. Addicts are gradually killed by their addiction and, particularly in the early stages of the addiction process, are blind to that fact. Recovery from addiction is possible but the addict must become aware of their true situation. This awareness is painful but without it there is no chance of recovery.

Addicts refer to this as hitting bottom. The bottom is individual, not universal; one person may find it in loosing a job or relationship, another in a hospital bed. Global warming is gradually killing us, and it is caused by the twin addictions to power and oil. That is the plain and simple truth. The pain of watching our slow suicide will gradually penetrate our individual awareness and more of us will begin to demand change. The bottom of global warming, however, is a collective, not an individual bottom.

If more information about our real situation is communicated, and the lies and rationalizations of the global power and oil addiction lobby are challenged, we can move into the collective process of recovery. No one knows how large an increase in greenhouse gasses the planet can tolerate before the magnitude of climate change kills off a large portion of the creatures and plants it supports. Without information from climate scientists we will quietly pass the point of no return and many will die as a result.

Attempts by the Bush administration to silence James E. Hansen, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, intended to prevent increased public awareness of our true situation. This must be called what it is, like an individual murder that is part of genocide; it is a crime against humanity.

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