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Basic Governmental Rules

Democratic government would remain as the primary mechanism of organizing and applying collective human social force, but the basic rules for govenrment operation would be focused on emphasizing local functions of government related to food, water, sanitation, education and health care. Local human cooperation in producing these goods and services would become the primary governmental activity with state and national governance arrising from the local. This model stays closer to the ground and closer to biological reality and the basic rules of operation would reflect that principal. All information generated in by the activity of government would be available to all citizens who comprise the government. Any individual could join the city or county and would be given their birthright of food, water, shelter, and energy. In exchange for this the newly joining individual would be required to give the amount and type of labor required by the city or county to produce those birthright gods and services. Community discussion and debate regarding how best to manage the assets and obligations of the city or county would be managed locally and election of all city/county managers would be handled democratically.

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