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Building a New Economy

Building an Economy is like Building a Two Story House Our current economy is a suck up economy, it sucks resources up and concentrates wealth in fewer and fewer hands while depleting the generating capacity of the resources from which the resources are sucked up from in the first place. The global economic model of the developed world can be compared to the process of building a house. The current model tries to build a house that continually remodels and expands it?s self. The construction method is centered around taking materials out of the foundation and the first floor and using them to build a second story. The design of the house further specifies that the second story would always be moving away from the first story and becoming more massive as it gets farther away from the first story. Eventually this house is bound to collapse by it?s own top heavy structure and the ever growing distance between the first and second floor and the continual weakening of the foundation and first floor that are used to built the second story and propel it further and further above the first floor.

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