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Building a Sustainable Economic House

It?s not that you can?t build a second floor on a house, it?s that you can?t sacrifice the foundation to do it. A new economic model that is sustainable within the parameters of the natural world would build an economic house that continually replenished the foundation and the first floor and then built a reasonably sized second floor that stayed connected with it?s foundation through it?s connection to the first floor. The foundation of all economic activity is the health of the soil and the water used to produce food for human consumption. So the first principal of all economic activity should preserve and support this base capacity of our environment. Transitional phase economy would be a suck down, push out economy that repays the environmental debt generated over the last 300 years. A starting point for this process could be accomplished without any restructuring of the economic system by redeploying resources that are already allocated as government expenses. Reallocation of spending priorities from space and defense to environment Time Item Dollars Now NASA today $16,792,000,000 Military today $522,000,000,000 Russia + China military spending today $124,400,000,000 Year 1 100% NASA spending $16,792,000,000 + 5% transfer of military spending $26,100,000,000 Total 1st year $42,892,000,000 Year 2 + 5% transfer of military spending $24,795,000,000 Total 2nd year $67,687,000,000 Year 3 + 5% transfer of military spending $23,555,250,000 Total 3rd year $91,242,250,000 Year 4 + 5% transfer of military spending $22,377,487,500 Total 4th year $113,619,737,500 Year 5 + 5% transfer of military spending $21,258,613,125 Total 5th year $134,878,350,625 Year 6 + 5% transfer of military spending $20,195,682,469 Total 6th year $155,074,033,094 Year 7 + 5% transfer of military spending $19,185,898,345 Total 7th year $174,259,931,439 Year 7 Baseline Reduction in military spending 30% Reduction on NASA space spending 100% Ending military budget $364,532,068,561 Ratio of U.S. military spending to Russia + China 2.93 to 1.00 Ongoing annual investment in restoring the environment and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions $174,259,931,439 After achieving a baseline level of restructured spending based on increasing needs for environmental restoration and energy infrastructure redesign and reinvestment a period of evaluation should occur. Transfer of military spending can be increased frozen or decreased depending on the status of military and environmental threats. If decreased spending on the military reduced the defense spending of our potential enemies and reduced resource motivated tensions related to increased demand for oil then transfer of military spending could accelerate. If geopolitical tensions are growing along with military spending of potential enemies then spending transfers can be slowed or frozen

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