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Self-replenishing versus Self-exhausting Systems

Our current economic model is a circular self-exhausting model. Any model based on the absolutely separate self will self exhaust because it is, at inception, operating from the false premise that it is disconnected from it?s sustaining medium. Capitalism is based on the separate-self model and projects that structure onto all other processes and entities. The material aspect of all economic models is ultimately circular because energy/matter can neither be created nor destroyed. Matter and energy are simply transformed through economic activity. These material transformations are consciously valued in an economic system. The economic model developed here is intended to be a circular self-replenishing model that takes its sustaining medium, nature and basic human capabilities, into account in the process of meeting the needs of the separate self. A self-replenishing economic model will support the healthy development of the whole separate and non-separate self in both its physical and mental dimensions. The activity of the new system will have to maintain natural support systems (water, soil, atmosphere, climate, and animal and plant life), human capabilities that support growth in the scope of consciousness, physical and mental boundaries, and energy in a dynamic relationship that maintains them all in a healthy state over time. An interesting self replenishing system for farming Grow Bio-Intensive, has been developed by Jon Jevons. His goal was to reduce the land required to grow all the food an individual requires as far as it could be reduced and to make the reduced land consumption farm 100% self sustaining. He has reduced the space required to grow enough food for 1 person to 4,000 square seet, and gotten the self sustaining aspect of the farm up to 99%. He says that a conceptual shift from growing food to growing soil is at the heart of his remarkable results.

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