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Whole Self Interest

Self-interest remains the driving engine of the system but self is redefined to the view of self as the whole person, both separate and non-separate, with the world around them are figured into the system. This simultaneously relieves the payers of negative externalities from the un-chosen cost of the negative externality (increasing their wealth) and relieves the business environment of the perverse incentive to create products and services that have high profit potential due in large part to high negative externalities. Investors can also see that the externality balance of a company has a direct effect on the bottom line of that company and also the areas where those positive and negative externalities occur so the can invest in the areas of wealth creation (positive balance of externality cost) that please them and profit them at the same time. Self interest and choice can work both for the individual and the non individual self if the wholeness of the interconnected individual is factored into the equation.

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