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The Machine Can't Hear Our Song

I have been reading The Master and His Emissary, the Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World by Iain McGilchrist. I'm about 1/3 way through the book and am tremendously excited by the insights presented in the book. The poem that emerged from my reading is a plea from the holistic right hemisphere to wake the reductionist left hemisphere to the primacy of right hemisphere, perceiving, feeling and thinking. Song is the province of the right hemisphere and preceded the development of speech on the left. 

The machine gone deaf
Now thinks a world apart
Making power
For its own sake
Can’t hear our beating heart

The science now is in
You should surely know
Our singing first
Your words came late
Then they both did grow

A problem you can handle
To you it so must seem
Without our song
The world you make
Is nothing but a dream

Come back to life
And hear our song
Music always in your ear
Without communication
A troubled path is clear

Will you hear an old song?
Is a new one what you need?
To break the spell
Of isolation
Loneliness and greed

We’ve lost some skill in singing
Our songs may not be right
Your strength has grown
Into a thing
Of awesome fright

Our song can’t be a solo
Together it must bring
The song of modern humans
With the songs
Of living things

We live and die together
Two worlds we bring to view
The lead must now be taken
By our singers
Singing true

It used to be this way
The long passage of our time
Is held much more closely
In rhythm
Song and rhyme

Melody and harmony
Sung close and clear, on pitch
Can dance the mind
Machine to heal
Lead by songs deepest wish

The words we live in song
A flowing signing bridge
Find it now
And join us
Just beyond the ridge