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Capital = Time Accumulation

Capital is really a function of how much human time can be aggregated and how that time can be amplified through the use of extra-biological power. The number of people and the time they are able to spend in either individual or group pursuits is the foundation of human capital formation. The degree to which that can be magnified by expanded human consciousness/knowledge and extra-biological power is what generates capital accumulation. There is no necessity to any particular form of accumulation but at base it is all human time + social alignment. The bizarre boundary structure of capital in economics Definition from Goods with the following features are capital: * It can be used in the production of other goods (this is what makes it a factor of production). * It was produced, in contrast to "land," which refers to naturally occurring resources such as geographical locations and minerals. * It is not used up immediately in the process of production unlike raw materials or intermediate goods. (The significant exception to this is depreciation allowance, which like intermediate goods, is treated as a business expense.) Comment: So capital is the residue of what is used up immediately human time, extra-biological force, and natural materials, which can be used again to produce more things that could be either more capital goods or end consumer products. So capital is like the productive biomass that takes sunlight and turns it into organic compounds that are in turn then consumed by the various levels of consumer in the ecosystem. This seems to be the height of arrogance for a apex biological consumer of energy that is only produced by sunlight to plants and then some additional chemical processes to assert that we are creating something, capital, that is not immediately used up and that it produces something else. So industrial capital is economically productive while everything else is consumption. It is really consumption of human time, culturally held knowledge and naturally held and produced resources to capture more human time. Money isn?t a representation of value it is a representation of human time. That is why accumulation of lots of money is accumulation of human social power. Capital accumulation is human time accumulation. Since capital is owned capitalism is soft slavery. The accumulation of extra-biological power that is not used up all at once then becomes a vehicle to acquire more human time represented by money. It is our time foundation that is being undermined by time accumulation. What human society needs is a time foundation that is individual, collaborative and generative but not owned by anyone except the individual. Time is private.

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