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More Force = More Moral Responsibility

As force amplifies the effect of choice and action, moral responsibility must expand proportionally.

The more force applied to any action the greater its effect. Human beings have become tremendously more forceful since the beginning of industrial revolution. The increased forcefulness that we have used to extract benefits from nature has had helped to expand the scope of human consciousness.

This same forcefulness has also had the effect of undermining the supports for continued expansion of the scope of human consciousness by dramatically degrading the life sustaining properties of the soil, water, and atmosphere of this planet.

A perfect example of the principal that increased force should be accompanied with increased moral responsibility is the recently understood fact that human activity is changing the climate of earth. These changes in the climate are also clearly now understood to be harmful to human and non-human life. Now that we are aware of the effects of our actions we become morally responsible for them.

With every major application of human force it is important that significant force also be applied to determining what effects the application of force has. This awareness closes the moral circle. Once an individual is aware of the effects of their application of force they become responsible for it.