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Expand Consciousness and Support Life

Act to promote growth of the scope of consciousness in the service of life. This statement is the foundational principal of this moral system. Since the purpose of life is growth in the scope of human consciousness, acting in a way that supports that objective is valued positively. Conversely acting in a way that limits growth in the scope of human consciousness is valued negatively. Since the precondition to valuing any action is predicated on being conscious of, more than one possibility, choosing a course of action, and then taking action, all actions can be described in terms of their effect on consciousness. As an example, murder can be viewed as an extreme example of diminishing the scope of consciousness of the person being murdered; their scope of consciousness is reduced to zero. Hunger can be viewed as a diminishment of the scope of consciousness because it restricts the individual's scope of awareness in a way that is not volitional and directed toward the achievement of a consciously chosen objective.