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Consciousness is co-occurring with space-time and energy

The purpose of defining these principals is to bring materialism and idealism together in an integrated view of reality. The conflict between idealism and realism is best characterized by the assertion of original supremacy of either Consciousness or Matter. The origin of one aspect of reality precedes the other and is therefore superior, the other aspect being derivative of the first. Idealism and realism simply switch positions with respect to original supremacy and individuals choose which philosophy they adopt according to which broadly defined school of thought fits the individuals needs. <p>If you drop the need to attribute original cause to either consciousness or matter for the existence of the other as unnecessary, then you can construct a view of reality that holds both the material and ideal in equal regard as primary forces or components of reality that interact dynamically to produce everything we experience and everything that is yet to be experienced from a human point of view.<br /><br />Putting an end to the false dilemma of having to take an either or stance in philosophical speculation about the nature of reality supports the fusion of the separate and non-separate definition of self that is a foundational premise of the political, economic, moral, and humanity systems.<br /><br />Viewing the ideal and material dimensions of reality as co-occurring and interrelated requires dropping a strictly linear view of causality and supplants it with an ongoing dynamic interrelationship of forces model of objective and subjective co-creation and co-destruction.<br /><br />On a personal level adopting a philosophy and process of fusion or holding opposites together, as an alternative to the broadly believed and enacted philosophy of breaking apart is difficult and rewarding. When fusion is acknowledged as an alternative to fission, and consciously engaged, human growth is accelerated. By re-owning thought and feeling that has been excluded, by narrow boundary formation and projection, an individual accelerates the process of their personal growth and begins a process of becoming whole.<br /><br />The increase in human energy production is much greater than the traditions of fission create because the individual recovers the energy of projected thought and feeling, and the others who were the recipients of the previously projected thoughts and feelings no longer have to contend with misplaced energy directed toward them.

Additionally the individual that consciously begins to incorporate, and hold together, both the separate individual and non-separate aspects of self, creates a new personal dynamic of growth. When under valued or disowned element are incorporated not only is the scope of consciousness increased by incorporation, but the aspects of self that were originally included within the self boundary are nourished by the inclusion of what had been previously excluded and grow more rapidly and in a healthy way.<br /><br />Holding opposites together, if it is actively engaged on the personal level of thought and feeling, leads to discomfort as old views become unworkable and new views are emerging but not yet well formed. None of us makes a motiveless decision to split ourselves apart and focus in one aspect of our self more than in another. There are underlying motives that have strong emotional charges, which are painful and seem to hold us apart from the disowned parts of ourselves. This is also evident on a cultural level and must be lived through as systems that structure our lives change through a process of fusion.<br /><br />If you trust your own experience and intuitively realize there is value in fully accepting your self, then you will learn the value of pain and pleasure, comfort and discomfort, sorrow and joy. For it is in the fusion of the opposites that you will enjoy the fullest realization of your conscious aliveness. Over the years I have learned that sticking with uncomfortable feelings and thoughts usually leads to growth in an area where I have desperately needed change, but have been unwilling to touch consciously because of fear of the pain I might encounter. A way of thinking about this that helps me is to think of it as staying with the feeling sense of having an open wound. <br /><br />If there was, or is, a hierarchical relationship between the components of reality identified in this philosophy based on original precedence, I am not sure it would make any practical difference as to how reality operates. From a human perspective the context of our reality already exists and can be taken pragmatically as a given.