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Consciousness exists as a fundamental aspect of Reality

The Case for Inclusion of Consciousness as a Constitutional Aspect of Reality. Our deepest explorers of human subjectivity have reported, cross culturally, that direct realization of consciousness causes a change in world view that assigns Consciousness a high degree of reality and that this is directly experienced in realizing a change in consciousness that has many names in different traditions, Satori, Enlightenment, Self Realization, etc.

My personal exploration of consciousness independently and convincingly validates the claims of the mystics. This direct experience is one of the primary reasons I feel confident about creating a philosophy that elevates the status of consciousness to a universal constitutive force. When consciousness is appreciated and explored deeply over a period of time the experience leads intuitively to this conclusion, and is self-authenticating and compelling because it is directly experienced.It is easier to think that the most powerful and aspect of human existence is not exclusively derivative of neurological processes but is instead mediated, or used by, neurological processes in the same way water is used by a cell, or sunlight by plants and the skin. Why should we assign consciousness a status that is different than all the other processes that constitute the individual? One reasons that consciousness has been largely ignored or assigned the status of being a completely derivative phenomena is that consciousness can't be observed as an object. Because consciousness can't be objectified, and is universally constitutive of human being, it has not been assigned a primary value in it?s self. But humanity as we know it, any meaning of any kind, is inconceivable without the existence of consciousness as a prior existing fact or function of reality.The idea that consciousness is a legitimate aspect of reality possesses an intuitive resonance in our deepest sense of things that has the ring of truth and beauty. See Diagram.

The fact that science is dependent on the simple fact of consciousness as the observer and on higher forms in and of consciousness, particularly math as having a real, although non material, existence that is mysteriously able to describe the laws that seem to govern the functioning of the physical universe.