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The Cosmos and Consciousness

This series of principals addresses the cosmological, or most abstract set of philosophical statements in this system and it is intended to set the context for the previous sets of principals on human nature, moral/ethical, political, and economic systems. Each series of principals is interrelated to the others but each is also designed to stand on its own.

Several ways of looking at the existence of consciousness, its origins and relationship to the other aspects of reality are reasonable.

  • Consciousness is the singular universal reality and everything emanates from this universal consciousness.
  • Consciousness is a universal aspect of reality and it is dynamically interrelated to the other components of universal reality and the dynamic interaction of these forces result in reality as we know it and do not yet know it.
  • Consciousness is a derivative phenomena of human neurological functioning caused by electro chemical impulses within the complex functional interrelationships of various neurological structures. The forces that constitute the universe are simply physical, not psycho physical in nature.
  • God, outside of consciousness, created consciousness when he created man, so that man could know God's will.