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13.82 Billion Years

We fall from the sky
Distilling out of apparent emptiness
Our foundational chemistry
Spread thin but gaining form
Pulled together by gravity
Clouds, Ice Crystals and Rocks
Moving much like our parents
From their birth to ours

A rocky planet, pressure heated core
Receives the space dust, ice and rocks
The warming planetary embrace
Quickens the dance of life
A sun respectfully close
And time for growth
Make space and planet
A father and mother

Life channeling energy
Flowing in all directions
Finding purpose in the eye of the living
Each self repairing entity
Conceiving and anticipating
A world of meaningful relations
Finding food, protecting self, growing
Guided by self made models

Years pass in uncountable cycles
Intertwined development of each
Adding to the sum that is more
Than a count of distinct parts
Our time arrives gradually
An accumulation of all that has past
And all that remains in growth
We begin to nest together

In our great togetherness
Our learning and inventing persist
Immortalized in our social fabric
Recorded in ever changing story
Sung in ever changing song
Important things gifted and traded
We slowly settle and change our world
Cultivating the land to meet our needs

Knowledge grows in our togetherness
Tools develop and accumulate
Each child born into this ever newness
Our minds lurch from singing wholeness
To machine mind sounding more
Blinded we pass the bounds no longer seen
Trusting the machine that tears us apart
Growing faster, no where, no why