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Memo to Dead Beat Dad Republican's, That's You Grover

When Paul Ryan pens a Republican budget that lowers taxes on the wealthy and cuts services for the needy he is acting like a deadbeat dad who refuses to pay child support so he can go golfing with his pals at Pebble Beach but he still expects to have his weekends with the kids. Republican proprieties and the republican budget are more deadbeat dad self indulgent me first bullshit.

When multinational corporations who were founded and grew up in our country pay no taxes because they can hire lobbyists and lawyers to rig the tax code in their favor and send lobbyist’s to Washington to beg for more subsidies and tax breaks while they enjoy record profits, they are like a dead beat dad who files a motion with the court to reduce child support and increase visitation after mom got a pink slip from her teaching job at the high school.

When Republicans in California refuse to let the voters decide whether we will pay more taxes to support our schools during hard times they are saying even though I can afford it, the hell with the kids, they are yours I want to have some fun. They are dead beat dads.

The values that drive us in advocating for taxing those who are getting fat off our free enterprise system, our people and our government the same values that drive parents when times are tough. In those circumstances a decent parents suck it up and get e a second job, they don’t balance their budget by giving their kid lunch money every other day and buying books for half their classes. Decent parents cut back on their luxuries, sell some things they can do without and try to find more ways to bring money into the family like taking on a second job if they can find it, so everyone can make it through the hard times.

While Republicans keep cutting taxes for the wealthy and reducing regulations on big business and then claim that we are spending too much money on Medicare and Social Security, they claim it benefits everyone. They are just like the dead beat dad who boasts about how well he is doing at his new job and how great his kids are while he refuses to pay child support. It is all for dad, isn't he great and fuck everybody else. Memo to deadbeat dad; shut up and start pulling your weight. The last recovery gave all the benefit of economic growth to the top earners, nothing to the middle class and the poor were worse off. This big fuck up we are in now, the investors and bankers got all the money and our we lost our houses. It's time they pay.

Before we think of firing another fireman, teacher, road or sanitation worker to pay for more golfing trips to Pebble for the rich we should take some of the money back from the dead beat dad economic elites who expect to take all the benefits of living in our country and pay none of the price. Yea, that means taxes you fat assed, lazy, rich, mother fuckers, taxes you will pay because it is the decent thing to do during hard times.

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