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Let it Break Your Heart

Let it break your heart. Let it in. We are just beginning to understand that we are destroying the life sustaining attributes of the world we live in. There isn’t much any one of us can do about it standing alone. Living as if we were really separate from this world, the plants, animals, air, water, dirt human, and each other.\n\nEric Wolff, from the British Antarctic Survey recently findings from ice core research that compared current levels of atmospheric C02 and methane with historic levels over the last 800,000 years. When talking about greenhouse gasses reaching a tipping point at which climate change will accelerate rapidly and unpredicatbly, Dr Wolff''s conclusion is alarming, "We could expect that tipping point to arrive in 10 years'' time,".

Just let it in. As our agricultural base collapsed, how would we collectively, or you individually, get enough food to eat. Most of us are trapped in our cities and suburbs with no means of survival except for the food and water that is delivered to us. In our current economy most of us work non agricultural jobs, earn money, trade that for food, shelter, entertainment, and accelerated mobility. We are told, work harder, earn more, buy more, plentiful food and water are always available.

That is the leverage the system has. We have traded our independence, our ability to live in, on, and with the land, for magic objects and unlimited instant food. We can make things appear simply by waving around a hand full of cash. We don’t know where these shiney things comes from, they just appear, we hand over some cash and take the shiney object in exchange. It feels good to do magic. Presto changeo, poof, there it is a shiny new something. At the same time we have as much food and drink as we could possibly ever want just a few more magic dollars away.

But what are we really trading? We are trading our ability to know, and to live with, the rest of life on this planet. We are living in a shiny new prison of alienation from every thing that lives. All the while the earth is eroding under our feet, the water is being sucked out of our collective lives.  Now we can see it. Now we know we are doing it. Not only have we sold away our relationship to the earth and the other creatures who live with us, but we may have only 10 years to until an unprecidented climate disaster, and an extinction event that could be one of the worst ever. No magic or shiny posessions could possibly compare. Let it in, let it break your heart.

Why not say the hell with traditional economics and politics. Why shouldn''t we convert all the resources we can to transforming our energy system. It doesn''t seem that we have the time to rely on gradual modification of the system that has put us in this situation? Let it break your heart.

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