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The Suck Up Economy

Suck Up Economics is the economic system that sucks the life energy out of, the middle class, working class, under class, and the environment, and into the hands of the corporate and economic elite.  The resources of the vast majority, and the environment that sustains us all, are sucked up and not replenished. All of this just to drive the percentage of wealth held by the economic elites higher. So the top goes up by sucking everyone else dry, while everyone else and our environment gets sucked down.\n\nTo top it all off the main human skill this type of economy promotes is sucking up. They want us to suck up to them, while they suck us dry, and all they require of themselves is that they suck up to each other.

Dick Cheney hunting trips; “Halliburton board member; “Oh Dick, we were talking at the club the other day and we thought you would be just perfect for the Halliburton CEO job” Dick; “Gosh what a compliment, do you really think I would be good fit? Wow, what a flattering proposal.”\n\nCorporate boards of CEO’s setting the rate for their outrageously high compensation; You can just hear them saying, “it’s just the market, you know, the law of supply and demand. We would be happy to have our economists explain it to you if you are having a little trouble with the concept”. George and Barbara Bush; “We know George’s grades weren’t so good, but he is a real leader, smart too, just been sewing a few wild oats. We think he’d be a real asset at Harvard, should you decide to accept him” Harvard President; “We would be proud to have him sir. You’ve done so much for this country, and this institution, when would you like George to start.”

You can call it the death of American Meritocracy; I prefer to call it the sucking up of the suck up economy.\n\nIncreased productivity and full employment of the workforce, if this were not a suck up economy, would lead to increased wages. That hasn’t happened in the Republican Suck Up Economy.

What is happening is a dramatic increase in corporate profits and the growth of wealth concentration in the top reaches of the wealth distribution, while everyone is being sucked dry.\n\nThe economic elites who benefit from the suck up economy own the Republican Party. Under this disgusting and corrupt suck up cycle in the political life of our country, government has been turned into an industrial strength vacuum cleaner that sucks up resources from all but the most wealthy and deposits them in the bank accounts of the obscenely rich.

Eliminating the estate tax, so Paris Hilton can parade around and seem important doesn’t seem worth the debt financing it is costing. We have real issues that need serious investment. Decreasing income taxes on the rich, charging it on our national debt credit card, and then saying we need to cut spending on Social Security, and Medicare, is just another way of sucking resources out of the lives of most people and depositing it in the hands of a few. Hearing the term “entitlement” coming from the leaches at the top of the suck up economy, referring to the only reliable safety net available to those of us in the middle and bottom of the wealth distribution is disgusting.\n\nYou can call it tax reform 100 times a day. I like to call it the tax structure of the suck up economy.

Taking consumer credit card debt out of bankruptcy protection for individuals and then giving corporations a free ride to get out of their obligation to pay pensions to workers who have retired, is another innovation brought to you by the Republican Suck Up economic theorist’s. Suck some more out of bankrupt individuals and people who have earned pensions and pass it up to those at the top who can make good use of it. So the risk for credit card lenders goes down, corporations with pensions can shed their pension obligations and they suck up more money. The consumer with some credit card debt, gets sick or looses their job, can’t meet all their financial obligations, files bankruptcy, and still has to climb out from under that credit card debt for the rest of their life.

Call it a competitive market if you like. I will call it for what it is, the suck up economy efficiently moving wealth up, up, up, and away, into the ever more distant and fewer of us.\n\nWithdrawing from the Keyoto accords, invading Iraq to control oil reserves, allowing oil drilling in the Alaskan wilderness, failing to increase the car and truck mileage standards, failing to protect our fresh water from pollution, preventing scientists from speaking the truth about global warming, burning more coal (calling it clean coal just for fun), letting the factory pig farms dump their pig shit in our rivers. Huge corporations just keep sucking our environment dry, dumping all the waste in someone else’s back yard, and they get rich doing it.\n\nTell us again that Adam Smith’s invisible hand is distributing resources in the most efficient manner possible and that any interference with this process will result in complete disaster for all mankind. What I see with my own eyes is the corporate invisible hand of the suck up economy picking my pocket and dumping shit in the water my kids drink and the air they breathe.

Ok, I already know the next thing you are going to say. Sucking everything up is really good for everyone. The process of sucking up creates everyone’s jobs. Just imagine if the sucking up stopped, all the jobs would stop, and no one would have anything. Lion’s, and Tiger’s, and Bear’s, Oh My!\n\nI prefer relying on the facts and the Republican suck up economy has the WORST RATE OF JOB CREATION IN 40 YEARS, THE JOBS THAT HAVE BEEN CREATED PAY $9,000 LESS PER YEAR, AND WORKING PEOPLE HAVEN’T HAD A RAISE IN 5 YEARS.

We have the truth on our side we need to use it effectively. We need to brand this economy and then brand the Republicans with that. They have been doing this to Democrats for years. It’s time Democrats start throwing and landing some body shots in framing the economic debate in our country.\n\nI think the suck up economy frame and branding is better than the other attempt I have heard, the yoyo economy. Yoyo stands for you are on your own, and this is contrasted with the, we are in this together economy.\n\nThe yoyo branding suffers from an underlying whimpering dependence, in effect complaining that we can’t make it on our own and need help from the elites at the top of the suck up economy. I don’t think many people will want to identify with this victim psychology. I do think that with an emotional handle and a little education people can get pretty pissed off about getting the short end of the stick and having to keep sucking up while they are getting sucked dry.

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