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Chain of Command

'When push comes to shove, the Bush Administration is plagued with lack of clarity regarding chain of command. The big issue here isn’t whether Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, or George Bush is in charge and accountable at the executive level or any confusion at the agency level between CIA, NSA, FBI, and Homeland security. The problem is that the Bush administration has gotten confused about the basics; they have forgotten that they work for the American people. The whole point of living in a democracy is that the government works for the people, not the other way around.

They seem to view the executive branch of government as if the government is a corporation and the president is the CEO. Secrecy, personal gain, lying, manipulating, and breaking the law as long as it jacks up your stock price and you don’t get caught, might be the way these guys have been used to behaving in the corporate world, but they are not in that world anymore. They work for you and me; they work for the American people.

When we ask respectfully for information through our other employees in congress, the executive branch gives us their opinion, that’s not good enough. What don’t they understand when we say show us your work? How can we hold our employees accountable if they will not show us their work? We can’t. Once an employee refuses to let me know what s/he is doing on my behalf, I give them a single chance to come clean. If they don’t then I fire them. It’s real simple. I would also expect my boss to treat me the same way. Honesty and trust are indispensable to the operation of any enterprise, public, private, profit, or non-profit.

Secrecy, lies, and spin are never intended to benefit the receivers of the communication, only the senders. The sender of the communication in a system of lies is hiding something they think the receiver would reject if they were honestly informed of the sender’s information.

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