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I Just Want What Buddha Had

I just want what Buddha had
A nice, hot, mom, and a rich ass dad
and something that’s missing and hurting real bad

I just want to do what Buddha did
To sit by a tree till the truth is unhid
To take a cool raft to the other shore
Then tell the cool raft I don’t need you no more

I’m tied to the wheel in so many ways
That hasn’t changed just cuz my hair grays
I have me a life in a machine culture
That preys on the world like a robot vulture
The trees are not there just for sitting around
They”re just worth too much to leave in the ground
A tree and some dirt, burn a whole lot of coal
To make a few things that might soothe our soul

But Buddha had none of it, wealth would not suffice
Though the life of a prince must have been very nice
Princes are all of us industrial culturerer’s
Trying real hard to be much better vulturerer’s
The kids and the spouse caught up in it too
Like we’re just consumers who live in this zoo
The raft called efficiency to no other shore
As all we envision is to consume more

I may already have, what Buddha found
I share the same sky, the rivers, the ground
And my sense of what”s missing grows more profound
So what shall I do with this urge in my heart
In my own tiny way, will I do my part
Will I sit by a tree till I see what I can
Will I then become a whole personed man

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