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Key Abilities (axon, dendrite, synapse)

The nerve cell body has extensions called axons and dendrites. This capability enables the cell to bring information to it from other cells and transmit information to the other cells with which it has made a connection. In the macro human sense we function in these two ways and we are conscious our own existence and functioning. We could call this ability the capability of the synapse, the tiny space between the end of a dendrite or axon and the other cell it is exchanging information with. It is the space between that allows consciousness which allows choice. The central nervous system uses the water in the cell and outside of the cell and its Semi-permeable membranes to generate an electrical charge. That charge travels along the axon to dendrite provide routes for intercommunication within the brain interconnecting with other cells. The spinal cord interconnects the entire body through the afferent and efferent nerves. The circulatory system also connects the entire body via water and cells of various types. Connective tissue connects the various individual parts of the body together. On the external boundary of the individual defined by skin, lung, digestive, olfactory, and visual cells the mouth, gut and anus connect the individual to water and food that becomes the contents of the cells within their membranes. The lungs connect the individual to the environment through air and the process of respiration. Air connects to the whole individual via the transformation of air into oxygen at the alveoli and the marvelous transport of water in the blood through the cell wall of the red blood cell. Air continuously connects the individual to the environment, each other, and other life forms. Each individual is then also interconnected physically with each every other individual through atmosphere, water, soil, sunlight, plant and animal life. So even on the physical level of our existence we are clearly separate independent entities and we are so interconnected with each other and everything around us that we are a whole process of life that is fully shared and not individual in the exclusive sense at all. Even at the level of the smallest structures that make up our universe distinctions between objects don't imply separation in an absolute sense. In quantum mechanics the principal called the quantum mechanics of a proper open system states, ?There is no such thing as an isolated system, and all systems are open systems that experience varying degrees of interaction through their shared zero-flux surfaces.? This is also true of human beings at the macro level, there is no such thing as an isolated individual person, cell, or living entity of any kind.

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