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Freedom and Constraints

The experience of freedom is generated through our expanding scope of consciousness, because the individual becomes aware of a wider range of alternative possibilities. Freedom of imagination is not limited. The primary constraint on human freedom is that the separate aspect of the individual can not actually become free from the non-separate aspect of the individual.

The experience of power comes from being able to choose between alternative possibilities revealed through the expansion of consciousness. Expansion of freedom and power have lead to increased human forcefulness that now dramatically exceed the natural forcefulness our species can generate through physical capabilities alone.

Expanding the range of choice alternatives through increasing the scope of consciousness does not mean the separate individual decision maker is able to become free relative to their non-separate self. Freedom from non-separation is not possible. It is possible to presume that human beings are free, or becoming free of their environment, or non-separate self, and to act as if this is true. However it is not possible to actually become free from the non-separate aspect of who we are. We are an ongoing product of everything, constantly related to everything, constantly effecting and being effected by everything, because we are not separate from anything.

This imaginary freedom of the individual nerve cell from the greater body of life can be imagined as if it were true, and action based on that imaginary situation can be taken, but it does not change the fundamental fact that the distinct individual always lives in non-separate unity with all else that exists.