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Freedom = Conscious Possibilities

On an individual level change in conscious possibilities occurs through expansion and contraction of the individual's boundary of awareness. Expanding and contracting possibilities are evident in several dimensions of human experience. The spatial, ideal, primary conscious, material, and technical areas of conscious possibility are the major dimensions of possibility where degrees of freedom are experienced. The larger the scope of awareness of possibility in these dimensions the greater the experience of human freedom.

The spatial dimension is revealed to consciousness through the senses. Expansion of the experiential scope of the senses expands the range of conscious possibilities.

The ideal dimension encompasses thought (language, math), feeling, and imaging. The ideal dimension is a great medium for the expansion of conscious possibilities due to the creativity of the human mind and the fact that even without the creation of new ideas combining and connecting ideas in different ways creates new possibilities.

The primary conscious dimension is another realm where the expansion of possibilities occurs. An individual can become more aware of being aware and this can have a profound effect on the range of conscious possibilities available to a person.

Expanding the scope of material boundaries and processes expands the scope of possibilities. The discovery of new sources of water, nutritious plants, or transformable energy sources, expands the scope of conscious possibilities.

The dimension of technical expansion of conscious possibility occurs through practical application of the ideal to alteration of the material dimension. From the early development of tools and agricultural techniques to the present day manipulation of matter and energy at the atomic level expansion of possibilities generated by human technical creativity have expanded the range of conscious possibility.

Expanding the scope of consciousness on the level of primary consciousness expands the scope of possibilities not through increased content but through direct awareness or knowledge through identity. This has been well articulated in various meditative and spiritual disciplines that have existed in various cultural settings. While less common than expansion of conscious possibility through the sensory or ideal dimensions, expanded scope in this dimension also has a positive effect of the conscious freedom of the individual.

A political and economic system that best serves the whole self in the modern world supports the expansion of conscious possibilities for the population that is creating and functioning within the parameters of that system.