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A Biological Model for Foreign Policy

Couldn’t we have a foreign policy that was based on biology instead of social rank competition. A foreign policy based on biological principals and functions would not abandon self defense, biological entities and processes engage in self defense all the time. A biologically based foreign policy also would not have to avoid resource acquisition and exchange across national boundaries.

If we were to use this idea to construct a new approach we could first define each country as a Cell/Entity within the larger context of other nations within a living earth.

As if We Live Only in a Social Hierarchy

When I watch the world around me, particularly the activity of commerce, employment, consumption, marketing, and communications media, it appears as if human life is almost exclusively the life of social relationship and position within our many social systems. Where do you rank in sexual attractiveness, in earning power, in political influence, in popularity, in celebrity?

Love as an Organizing Principal for Human Systems

My original idea of how to define Love as an organizing principal for human systems was formed like this; Love = consciousness of mutually beneficial exchange across semi-permeable boundaries. I thought that would be a good systems oriented working definition.

Now I want to change the systems definition of Love to; Love = Consciousness of existing and potential mutually beneficial exchange across semi-permeable boundaries.

Single Savior Notion

The Messiah, the Great One, the One Beyond Compare
Is here, was there, will come, is truth, at last they dare
Some say Marx, or Adam Smith, Jesus or Mohamed
Sale of Single Saviors, an ongoing human drama

The world goes on and on, the marketing machine
Selling single saviors exploiting every dream

Blank... Like We are Part of the Planet

I want to
Eat like I’m part of the Planet
Drink like I’m part of the Planet
Feel like I’m part of the Planet
Touch like I’m part of the Planet
Think like I’m part of the Planet
See like I’m part of the Planet
Breathe like I’m part of the Planet
Work like I’m part of the Planet
Raise my kids like I’m part of the Planet
Live with people like I’m part of the Planet
Be aware like I’m part of the Planet
Be social like I’m part of the Planet
Move like I’m part of the Planet

Personal Sustainability 7, Update

I have not done a good job on the personal sustainability front for a few months but have been getting back on track lately. I decided that even if I don’t have time to do each thing the way I want to, putting in a little time to as I can would help me get moving.

Sugar, Consumer Culture and Sustainability

I am powerless over sugar. I crave sugar, but only when I don’t have it, or immediately after I have eaten it. I don’t crave sugar when I sleep, but I have a job and kids and have to stay awake for a large part of every day and it’s during that period of time that I am powerless over sugar. Candy, cakes, and cookies, particularly chocolate chip cookies are irresistible. My history with this substance goes way back to when I was a kid, I loved sugar and my mom supplied plenty of it in the form of cookies and cakes. When I had my first money I spent it on candy and comic books.

Violence, Baboons, Republicans and Social Signals

We have to manage the Baboon level of our society in a way that decreases the effectiveness of violence as a tool for achieving social rank and control. Male baboons use violence to establish rank within the male hierarchy of their baboon troop. The highest ranking male then gets breeding rights with any female he chooses, all of them basically, and the female part of the troop is subjugated through that social structure.

Climate Crisis Denial, a New Twist

In a recent interview with Steve Inskeep of NPR, Michale Griffen (NASA Administrator) is quoted as saying;

Sound Bites

A short
Little blurb
Words that cut
And sparkle
Are there
Then gone
In their wake
A trail
In your head

The biter bites
Again, again,
Again, again
More sound
And trails
In the soft
Gray brains
Of the

The consumer
We are called
The audience
Passive vessel
To be filled
Directed along
The trails
Of the marketer


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