Extra-Biological Force Changes Everything

Changes in human identity and systems of managing this power have not kept pace with increases in extra-biological force. The symptoms global warming, increasing militarization, increasing disparity between the super rich and everyone else, dominance of government by corporations, and many other problems, are all related to our collective failure to develop new systems that can direct our increasing extra-biological power in a way that it is more biologically productive and less biologically destructive.

Failed Views of Human Relationship to Natural World

The view that Humanity is a Devine creation that exists in a non-material spiritual reality separate from the natural physical world is the religious and spiritual viewpoint. This way of viewing reality means that nature is often seen as infused with spiritual force, emanating from a spiritual source, or a separate creation of a Deity. Some of these points of view offer more connection to the natural world than others, but most hold in common a view that the non-material reality as superior to the material world, or nature.

All Cells in the Body of Life are Interconnected

Blood moves through the body and brings nutrients to the cells, the water within each cell is the same water in the blood, and there are also cells that live in the blood and perform functions, O2-Co2 exchange and immune response, for all the other cells in the body. Water is the blood of the planet and water is the primary constituent of the blood in the human, nerve cell relative to the living planet, and body of its own collection of cells.

Being Part of the Larger Life Gives Purpose for Human Systems

The traditional ways of deriving purpose have been built on the three failed models of relationship, competitor, divine province, or mother, between humanity and nature. The degree to which extra-biological power exceeds our individual and collective bounds has made these views and their associated purposes too limited to adequately address the power we have unleashed across the boundaries of all life and life sustaining properties of our planet.

Love = Awareness of Mutually Benificial Relations

My original idea of how to define Love as an organizing principal for human systems was formed like this; Love = consciousness of mutually beneficial exchange across semi-permeable boundaries. I thought that would be a good systems oriented working definition. Now I want to change the systems definition of Love to; Love = Consciousness of existing and potential mutually beneficial exchange across semi-permeable boundaries.

The Nature of Things

The dominant cultural influences of our times, Christianity, Science, and Capitalism, define a range of human identity that leaves us collectively with a vision of personhood as being separate from our deeper experience of spirituality in religious terms, being an objective material observer of experience in scientific terms, and being a private engine of material acquisition in an industrially powered social economy of monetized exchange.

Evolution, Power, Primates, and Culture

It is imperative, now that high levels of extra-biological power are a persistent feature of human life, to move our social organization, and our systems that express our social organization, farther away from the primate (rigid, male centered, violence ordered, social hierarchy), and more toward the male/female pair bonding form of social organization created through our evolutionary split from the primate species.

Evolution can't Manage Extra-Biological Force

Extra-biological force is wholly beyond the bounds of the biological individual and therefore cannot be passed via sexual reproduction to offspring then becoming part of the process of evolution of our species. Extra-biological power is passed by and evolves through culture. To manage this power appropriately we need to manage it culturally.
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